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Roatan Water Sport Activities

The Best Of Scuba, Snorkeling & Dolphins


Enjoy the magic of Turquoise Bay with kayaks, paddleboards, snorkeling equipment all provided for guests. We’ll even take you out by boat to get even closer to the second largest reef system in the world.


Explore a part of the unspoiled East End of Roatan, where you will find an authentic Garifuna village and then board an authentic “cayuco” (motorized canoe). You will then navigate through mangrove tunnels barely wide enough for the canoe teeming with wildlife. Discover old Caribbean fishing villages (Oak Ridge and Jonesville), constructed on stilts over the water give a unique insight into the real Roatan. These family names of the inhabitants of these villages date back to the days when Pirates made these areas their homes away from home.

Get a birds eye view by parasailing with West Bay Tours, in where else, West Bay! From as high as 800 feet you’ll look down on the reefs, beach, mountains and villages of magnificent Roatan. There’s no better way to see this island paradise then from the sky.

If the days of snorkeling are behind you, or maybe you don’t swim for whatever reason, then you shouldn’t have to miss out on the abundant and colorful life in the Caribbean Sea surrounding Roatan. We can arrange a glass bottom boat cruise for you that is a glorious way to reef system.

It begins as you travel across a lagoon to Bailey’s Key, one of two keys that make up Anthony’s Key Resort and the private home to a large family of Atlantic Bottlenose dolphins. At a beach-front cabana, you’ll receive a brief orientation and then you’ll walk along a white sandy beach to wade waist deep into the clear waters of the Caribbean where a trained naturalist will give you a personal introduction to a resident dolphin. The trainer will describe the dolphins’ characteristics, anatomy and behaviors and will give you the opportunity to touch, kiss and play with a member of this friendly family of marine mammals. During the 30-minute encounter portion, you’ll have excellent photo opportunities in addition to professional photographs that will be taken of you and your new friends.

Immediately following the 30 minute Dolphin Encounter, this activity allows you to swim and snorkel with our resident pod of dolphins on their terms, with no trained behaviors. Experience what it would be like to be a ‘part of the pod’ in the wild – it’s a thrill you’ll remember for years to come. With a limited number of fellow participants, you’ll enjoy maximum physical contact with these friendly marine mammals as they swim along with you throughout a two-acre enclosure. You’ll be captivated by their natural curiosity, intrigued by their whistles and clicks as they communicate with each other, and delighted to see mothers and their calves swimming side by side.

This dynamic 45 minute dolphin activity begins with a brief introduction to two dolphins, who will greet you on the platform with a handshake, a kiss, and a friendly smile. You’ll then enter the water for a playful swim to experience a thrilling “Foot push”, as the dolphins push you by the feet above and around the water’s surface, allowing you to feel their speed and strength! Then, take it easy on a ride around the lagoon, while holding on their smooth dorsal fins for the famed “Dorsal Ride”. In addition, they will amuse you with various water behaviors, vocal skills, tail splashes and applause.

After a top-side orientation and Q&A session to learn about dolphin diving etiquette, a five-minute boat ride takes you to a beautiful reef wall where you’ll descend to a white sand bottom at 60 feet. Two or three naturally curious dolphins will arrive and are free to interact with you as they choose. In this unstructured setting, many of the complexities of the dolphins’ relationships and communication can be revealed. For the optimal experience, sessions are limited to a small group of participants – accompanied by a dive guide, dolphin behaviorist & videographer.

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