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Dive Sites

Best Roatan Dive Sites

A selection of dive sites you may explore on your Roatan dive holiday.

Dolphin Den

The shallow cave like swim-through Dolphin Den takes you from the inside of the reef to the outside. The maze of tunnels and caverns is so extensive that you can spend your whole dive inside it, still it is simple enough not to get lost. There are plenty of openings in the ceiling to make this dive save, still one may want to stay close to his dive buddy.

Inside the cavern one may find thousands of silversides and other creatures like moray eels. The silversides seam to have been the reason for the tragic death of a pod of dolphins whose remains was found inside the cavern. They must have followed the silversides inside and got disoriented.

Depth range: 5 – 12 meter (15 – 40 feet)
Experience required: Intermediate


Located alongside one of the channels through the reef, this dive site turns into a tunnel at 20ft with numerous cracks letting sunlight stream in, opening out into the deep channel reaching 80ft, where you can find starfish, anemones & rays.

Depth range: 5 – 25 meter (15 – 80 feet)
Experience required: Beginner, intermediate for swim throughs.


At this amazing wall you can find many different sponges and corals including huge barrel sponges and spectacular pillar corals. The drop-off is at 60 feet and drops to 180 feet. Very often there are turtles, nurse-sharks and eagle rays passing by, as well as morays. During the dive it is common to find several cleaning stations, and the safety stop has some beautiful elk horn.

Depth range: 5 – 40 meter (15 – 130 feet)
Experience required: Beginner

Andy’s Wall

A colourful wall with soft and hard corals, often visited by groupers, schools of chubs, creole wrasse, horse-eye jacks and black durgons among others. The wall starts at 60ft, dropping to 160.

Depth range: 5 – 40 meter (15 – 130 feet)
Experience required: Beginner


There’s something for everyone at the Labyrinth, it starts with a shallow area of 40ft perfect for beginners and slowly slopes down to 60 feet. Hidden in a big hole in the rock, a spotted drum patrols his territory among schools of glassy sweepers. The sandy canyons winding through towering rock formations provide thrilling swim-throughs.

Depth range: 5 – 18 meter (15 – 60 feet)
Experience required: Beginner, intermediate for swim-throughs.

Fish Spot

This site has two names it was named the view as it is directly out from the view restaurant. It has also been named fish spot for its abundant amount of fish around the top of the reef between 15 to 20 feet.

Depth range: 5 – 25 meter (15 – 80 feet)
Experience required: Beginner

Sea Star Channel

This site is ideal as training site as we begin our dive in the sandy shallows at around 7ft, we weave our way through the shallow corral heads to the west and down into the channel. The channel has got its name from the abundance of cushioned sea stars that lye in the base of the channel, this is a good area for spotting southern sting rays which on murky days are many. Follow the channel out keeping to the slope in your right hand side the sand slope soon turns into coral heads which multiply until you reach a shallow wall at around 25ft, follow this till you reach an entrance between two coral heads which take you into a wide canyon bowl. Around the entrance we have seen eagle rays on numerous occasions. The middle of the bowl goes down to around 80ft and the topography inside changes into a rocky environment, look under the rocks for toadfish. After exploring inside the canyon bowl, take the same route back.

Depth range: 5 – 25 meter (15 – 80 feet)
Experience required: Beginner

Odyssey Wreck

Roatan’s biggest wreck lies at 110 ft in a big sand patch next to a beautiful reef wall. The bow of the wreck is sitting upright while the superstructure of the stern is sitting at a 30 degree angle which makes swimming through it quite interesting. The midsection has collapsed from the powerful surge of several cold fronts.

Depth range: 18 – 40 meter (60 – 130 feet)
Experience required: Advanced

El Aguila Wreck Dive

A 210′ cargo boat perfectly sunk at 100 feet of water on a sandy bottom full of deep garden eels. It has been adapted for penetration diving so you can descend onto open large compartments where you can surprise a number of fish in their homes. Adjacent to the boat runs the wall to finish off the dive among the shallow water tropical fish. When El Aguila sunk in 1997, it was upright in 110 feet of water. In October 1998, Hurricane Mitch arrived and battered the north shore, breaking it into 3 pieces but Mitch provided a service to the wreck divers of Roatan. The 3 pieces created extra nooks and crannies to investigate.

Depth range: 18 – 40 meter (60 – 130 feet)
Experience required: Advanced

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