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Udurau Restaurant

Cuisine Style: Latin American | Italian | Caribbean

Variety is written into the stars here at Udurau. Latin American, Italian, and Caribbean dishes are offered daily, while the classic comfort foods are prepared with flair.

Start your day with any variety of the favorite Honduran típico breakfast, an omelette to order, or fresh fruit and yogurt. The breakfast a la carte menu is also available daily with traditional, vegetarian, and gluten free options.

Enjoy fresh fish, pork, chicken, fresh island vegetables, or a variety of our daily specialties for lunch while you gaze at the sea from the level of the palms. Our extensive menu includes plenty for every palate.

Locally sourced seasonal fresh fish served daily. Tuna, snapper, wahoo, mahí mahí, grouper, or king mackerel are pulled fresh from our waters every morning and served as an entree at lunch or in the evening.

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Breakfast   07:00 am – 09:30 am
Lunch          12:00 pm – 02:00 pm
Dinner        06:30 pm – 09:00 pm
Bar              10:00 am – 10:00pm

“Udurau” means fish, and this fresh delicacy is served daily, in any number of ways, by our experienced chefs

Udarau Restaurant Menu

Kids Meal Menu


Chicken fingers |

Fish fingers |

Popcorn shrimps |

Mini nachos |

Barbecue chicken wings |

Vegetarian Menu


Azteca soup | $20

Delicious tortilla strips dipped in a tomato cream with aromatic ingredients, served with Honduran cheese and jalapeño on the side.

Beans soup | $20

Succulent red bean soup, mixed with garlic, cilantro, onion, and olive oil served with white rice.

Quesadilla | $20

Flour tortilla filled with melted mozzarella cheese, accompanied by sour cream and chismol (pico de gallo)

House green | $20

Lettuce combination, tomatoes, onion, sweet pepper and carrot, mixed with almonds and a coconut vinaigrette.

Veggie pasta | $20

Spaghetti in a vegetable sauce made with olive oil, garlic and aromatic herbs.

Nachos with cheese | $20

Crispy tortilla chips with melted cheese, pico de gallo & jalapeño.

Veggies tacos | $20

Rice tortilla roll, stuffed with mixed vegetables with tomato sauce & grated cheese

Honduran platter | $15

Refried beans, white rice, fried plantain, Honduran white cheese, pico de gallo and sour cream.

Cheese Sandwich | $15

Toast, thousand island dressing, double mozzarella cheese, lettuce and tomato.

Catrachas | $15

Fried corn tortilla, with refried beans and grated Honduran cheese

Fruit salad | $15

A variety of mixed fruits of the season, with melted chocolate and condensed milk on the side.



Deep Fried Squid | $11

Rings of fried calamari served with tartar sauce and french fries.

Udurau Ceviche | $11

Your choice of fish, conch, or shrimp: marinated in lemon juice, tomatoes, onion, green bell peppers, coriander with a touch of chile cabro, served with plantains

Nachos - with chicken | $11

Crispy Nachos with homemade chilli beans, cheddar cheese, Pico de gallo, sour cream and jalapeño.

Chicken Wings | $15

Chicken wings with BBQ or Buffalo Sauce served with french fries.

Chicken fingers | $9

Deep fried and crispy chicken breast served with french fries and honey mustard.

Fish Fingers | $10

Deep fried and crispy Fish filet served with french fries and Tartar Sauce.



Caribbean | $10

Mixed lettuce, tomatoes, topped with grill chicken and a coconut vinaigrette.

Capresse | $8

Mozzarella Cheese, tomatoes, basil and olive oil.



Seafood Soup | $17

Deliciously prepared seafood bisque slowly cooked on a fish fumet with vegetables, served with fried plantains

Conch Soup | $15

A classic island style soup made from coconut base finished with vegetables, slices of conch, served with lemon wedges and fried plantains.

Main Courses


TBR Burguer | $14

A juicy homemade beef patty, with crabmeat, guacamole, mozzarella cheese, lettuce tomatoes, pickles and onion, served with french fries.

Honduran Typical | $16

Grilled beef tenderloin, local sausage, fried plantain, refried beans, white rice, Honduran white cheese, avocado & pico de gallo.

Fish Filet | $16

Local catch fish filet with a lemon and garlic sauce.

Garifuna Whole Fish | $18

Whole fried fish seasoned with local spices, served with rice&beans, fried green plantains and a house green salad.

Coconut Shrimp | $20

Fresh shrimp breaded in dehydrated coconut flakes and a spicy mayonnaise.

Garlic Shrimp | $20

Tasty local shrimp sauté with garlic sauce.

Surf and Turf | $26

Lobster tail & beef tenderloin or chicken breast, finish with a creamy garlic sauce.

Turquoise Seafood Special | $40

Two Lobster tails cooked to perfection, Conch, Calamari’s, fish finger all fried served with french fries, green plantain and finished with lemon wedges and variety of sauces.



Chocolate cake |

Ice cream |

Cheesecake |

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Enjoyed your stay at Turquoise Bay? Share your moments with us. Follow us on Instagram and use:


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